About Sam Sawan

Sam knows better than most the unique trials and tribulations of being new to this field. He went to college for biology, which wasn’t the best fit for him, considering the only classes he truly looked forward to were math related. After that, he continued his career as chef, almost going to pastry school until he heard about a boot camp starting in Akron, OH. He didn’t even know he loved programming until he wrote his first FizzBuzz in JavaScript. The rest is history!

After the boot camp, he got a job at Virtual Hold Technology where he helped transition the core product from C++ to Erlang, a language focusing on concurrency and high fault tolerance. There, he paired with juniors, teaching them the finer points of Erlang, Agile, and the various other technologies associated with the stack. He’s participated in a number of hackathons and found each of them to be incredibly rewarding. Recently, he got a job as a web developer at OnShift and Is very much looking forward to the new challenges before him.

Fun Facts

  • He was once a boot camp student himself.
  • He was in several college bands.
  • He is a diehard Browns fan.