3 Ways to Stand Out in the Web Development Industry

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No matter what industry you’re in, if you want to succeed, you’ll to try make yourself stand out in your field. Whether you desire to be an expert in all parts of the job or you want to specialize in a certain area, there’s something in us all that we want to be really, really good at. Since coding is a growing field with high demand, it’s important to stand out from a crowd in order to be competitive in the job market. Here are three ways to help you brush up your appearance and stand out to employers that might be looking to make you part of their team.


Make sure your portfolio is comprehensive and looking sharp.

Having a weak portfolio might be the tipping point for many employers. You could be their top pick during the interviewing process, but if your portfolio doesn’t equally match up, they may bump you from the top spot and hire the next person in line. Don’t let this happen to you. Make sure your portfolio of projects is filled with your best work that gets you excited. Being involved and detailed when you’re talking about your projects will allow you to demonstrate your working knowledge of the skills in your resume, while also showing potential employers your passion for the field.


Clean up your social media profiles.

How many horror stories have you heard where an employee was fired over something they posted or said on social media? Too many to count, but you don’t have to let it happen to you. Be proactive about your social media accounts and make sure you don’t post any unsavory content. Often times an employer will look to the internet to research a potential new-hire and see the “real side” of them. If you’re not presenting yourself professionally, you might lose the opportunity to even get an interview. Go through your accounts and make sure your social footprint represents you in a positive light. It could make the difference between landing an interview or being added to the rejected resume pile.


Network, network, network.

Networking is a valuable tool that many newcomers  to the field tend to underutilize. Being part of a local professionals group or even just chatting up someone at the local coffee shop can open up doors to business opportunities. It can even connect you to a future web development project. You never know who you’re going to meet, so get out there and make some connections. The more people you know, the more chances you have to create valuable working relationships.

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