5 Data Scientist Habits You Already Have

You may think that becoming a data scientist may not be worth the many hours of work it will take to master it. It should not matter that you may feel as though  you have “the wrong degree.” The interests that you’re naturally inclined toward could already make this a great career for you. If you knew this beforehand, maybe you would have more courage. Perhaps your courage would then propel you to become the data scientist you always wanted to be.

1. Becoming A Data Scientist: Trying New Things Is Fun For You

Have you ever been completely intimidated by the concept of trying something new, only to find out that you loved it? It happens to the best of us. New often means unfamiliar. Young boy swimming in poolPerhaps you felt the fear of jumping into the deep end of a swimming pool, but now you can do it without even thinking. Maybe someone invited you to go bungee jumping, and now you can’t imagine your life without it. Where would you be if you hadn’t said hello to the person who is now your best friend or love of your life?

Perhaps you don’t see this initial hesitation as fear at all. Maybe you equate these feelings as a spark of excitement instead. Learning statistical languages and other data science concepts has nothing on you. You know it will be difficult, but also worth it. If you just give it a shot, who knows what could happen? Data science is worth the effort you put in.

2. Becoming A Data Scientist: You Can’t Get Through Your Day Without Statistics And Graphs

Does the idea of solving number-based riddles intrigue you? What about creating your own? If you answered yes to either of those questions, count yourself lucky! People who enter the field of data science find themselves having to get to know the world of charts, graphs, and statistics. Many find the experience similar to solving and creating puzzles.

But perhaps you don’t think of yourself as a number wiz. Maybe you’re more of a wordsmith. Don’t worry, you too can become a data scientist. You already encounter statistics in many parts of your life. Did you check to see which car had the best safety ratings before purchasing? Do you follow your favorite football team’s stats? There may exist a true data scientist in you, after all! You need only to realize it. When you do, you will find that you can truly shine.

3. Becoming A Data Scientist: You’re Already Great At Deciphering Languages

Learning statistical programming languages like Python and R might sound like a difficult thing to do until you realize that no one expects you to pick them up in one day. Learning programming languages can feel much like learning to slowly read English as a kid. As a child, your first words and sentences start out simple. As you learn more words, little by little, you could eventually express yourself in a more coherent way. Learning music also requires learning the language little by little. The same goes for programming languages. Start slow and go at your own pace.

But it doesn’t stop there. If you learn coding languages such as JavaScript, you may express your creativity through apps or web pages. The more complex your programming knowledge, the more expressive you may become. Your options for expression become endless. You already express yourself like a data scientist. Why not extend your “vocabulary”? You’ve heard that knowledge equals power. Use that knowledge to increase your creativity as well.

4. Becoming A Data Scientist: You Problem Solve All The Time

If your friends have an argument, are you the one they turn to in order to solve the matter? Do you always plan out and organize family vacations? Woman gazing at mountain landscape with familyAs a fellow problem solver, you belong in the data science field. If you often feel like you’re the one to call in an emergency, you will be a step ahead of the rest. You share the personality of a data scientist. You have strength.

Data scientists, both new and old, can find programming languages difficult. Sometimes, you won’t be able to understand everything right away. Complex concepts can make you doubt yourself. It’s only during these hard times that we realize who we really are. Then, and only then, do we know what we’re capable of.

5. Becoming A Data Scientist: Difficult Times Don’t Stop You

You’ve proven that you can solve any problem. But do you have the patience to stay with the problem until you can fully resolve it? Not every issue can be solved in one hour.Man sitting at desk studying Or two hours. Sometimes solving data science obstacles take more time than the average person has the patience for. Although this won’t happen every day, when it does, you can never forget that you are made of stronger stuff than you realize. And that “stuff” will come in handy when times are tough.

It remains incredibly important in times like these to keep your ego in check. Everyone fails and not  every problem will be solved right away. But you must realize that failures do not define you. Continuing proves that you have the fortitude and patience to become a data scientist.


Who knew that those talents you took for granted could lead to a fantastic, fulfilling career? You have the love of learning and statistics. You have the intelligence, tenacity, and strength. The things you have always loved can actually prepare you for this role. All you have to do is take the first step toward your destiny as a data scientist.


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